Acuity Hospital of South Texas
718 Lexington Ave.
San Antonio TX, 78212
Our Mission
acuteness; keenness, as of thought and vision

Acuity is defined in Webster’s Dictionary as “Acuity, n. acuteness; keenness, as of thought and vision.” We at Acuity are focused on the development and operation of Long-Term Acute Care Hospitals and the delivery of specialized care, with measurably improved outcomes.

Guiding Principles
The foundation of all we do

At Acuity Healthcare, our guiding principles serve as the foundation of all we do. Every interaction we have, every decision we make, every life we touch - they are built around these principles. They are:

  • Integrity First
  • Service Before Self
  • Excellence In All We Do
What is long term acute care? Do I need it?

LTAC's are focused on patients with serious medical problems that require intense, specialized treatment for an extended period of time (usually about 20-30 days). These patients often transfer from Intensive Care units in traditional hospitals.

Our hospital is owned in part by certain physicians who practice at the hospital. A list of physician investors is available upon request.